Used for the determination of reducing sugars in foods and beverages, such as sugarcane juice, fruits, tomato extract, candies, etc.
Sugar & Ethanol
Food, Beverage & Animal Nutrition
Environmental, Waters & Effluents
Plant & Soil Science
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics
Microbiology & Biotechnology
Chemistry & Petrochemicals
  • Digital display with millivoltmeter to indicate the turning point, does not depend on the visual sensitivity of the analyst
  • Accompanies platinum electrode that indicates the end point of the titration, improving accuracy and repeatability Fehling's traditional analysis
  • Zero key: leaves the system in stand-by, which extends the life of the platinum electrode
  • Semi-automatic supply via solenoid valve, which guarantees greater control of the process
  • Lighting system for viewing the boiler water level, avoiding exceeding the maximum level
  • Opening for viewing the boiler water level, easy to check the time of replenishment
  • Stainless steel structure with anti-corrosion treatment and electrostatic painting, increasing the installation time useful life of the equipment
  • Optional: burette specifically developed for this type of application, avoiding its handling close to hot steam, greater security for the analyst
  • Steam formation system through a built-in glass boiler, which improves the transfer of heat inside and accelerates the temperature change time, also attributing greater security for the analyst
  • Assigns greater security to the user, since it replaces manually assembled systems that do not have built-in boiler system
  • Less use of glassware
  • LED to indicate heating
  • Variation of the vapor rate (boiling) in 10 levels by the potentiometer
  • Ergonomic clip to hold the burette
  • Relief presence: steam output directed to the tank when it is closed or boiler cleaning when it is open
  • Ease of changing the tank in case of maintenance
  • Easy removal of the boiler for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Supply: Semi-automatic by solenoid valve
  • Temperature Control: Analog
  • Electrode: Platinum to measure the electrical voltage generated in the oxi-reduction reaction of copper from fehling liquor by reducing sugars
  • Millivoltmeter: Digital display to indicate the turning point
  • Safety: Built-in boiler
  • Glassware: Boiler made of borosilicate glass
  • Cabinet: In carbon steel with anti-corrosive treatment and electrostatic painting
  • Dimensions: W = 360 x D = 300 x H = 660 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Voltage: 220 Volts
  • Include: - 01 Platinum electrode - 01 Rod - 01 Burette clamp - 02 extra fuses - Instruction Manual with Warranty Term
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