Used to incubate vials for the determination of BOD (biological oxygen demand) and sample incubation in general.
Sugar & Ethanol
Food, Beverage & Animal Nutrition
Environmental, Waters & Effluents
Plant & Soil Science
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics
Microbiology & Biotechnology
Chemistry & Petrochemicals
  • Easy controller programming
  • It has a microprocessor temperature control (PID), which causes less temperature variations and less interference in the process, providing greater efficiency
  • Presence of lamp for internal lighting
  • Internal humidification can be done using the internal reservoir
  • It has internal air circulation
  • Overheat thermostat above 60°C with audible alarm and automatic shutdown for safety
  • Perforated temperature sensor, the most sensitive, providing fast response
  • Uniform thermal distribution
  • Easy access to the panel, providing easy maintenance
  • It has an independent drain
  • Presence of adjustable feet for leveling when necessary
  • Rigid Quality Control, in which checks and tests guarantee the perfect functioning of the equipment, providing safety and client satisfaction
  • Client service, to answer questions and provide explanations about the equipment and methodologies.
  • Temperature: -10°C to 60°C
  • Temperature controller: Digital microprocessor with PID system WITH RAMPS AND LANDERS
  • Sensor: PT-100
  • Control accuracy: ±0.3°C
  • Uniformity: ±1.0°C
  • Compressor: Hermetic 1/8HP, with CFC-free 134-A gas
  • Cooling capacity: 340 BTU/ha at 0°C
  • Insulation: Expanded Polyurethane
  • Circulation: forced ventilation
  • Humidity: Has an internal reservoir that provides humidity by natural evaporation
  • Security: Overheat thermostat above 60°C with audible alarm and resistance automatic shutdown
  • Capacity: 6 shelves
  • Maximum load limit per tray: 15kg
  • Outer cabinet: In carbon steel with anti-corrosive treatment and electrostatic painting
  • External dimensions: Width = 550 mm x Height = 1540 mm x Depth = 613 mm
  • Volume: 240 liters
  • Weight: 44 KG
  • Power: 730 W
  • Voltage: 220VAC ±5% 50/60Hz
  • ** ** At 50Hz the cooling capacity may have a 15-20% power decrease. Compatible with DR protection device
  • Other model: With glass door - TE-371/1-240L
  • ACCOMPANIES: - 02 extra fuses - 04 Shelves - Instruction Manual with Warranty Term
  • Heating: By armored finned resistance
  • Resistance power: 500 W
Tecnal offers solutions in equipment for laboratories in various segments of activity, focused on the proper functioning of products, ease of use and high accuracy of results!

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