Used for accurate conductivity measurements. Fully microprocessor-controlled measures conductivity in water (S/cm) alcohol (S/m) and STD (Total Dissolved Solids) with programmable factor.
Sugar & Ethanol
Food, Beverage & Animal Nutrition
Environmental, Waters & Effluents
Plant & Soil Science
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics
Microbiology & Biotechnology
Chemistry & Petrochemicals
  • Accepts 3 types of cell constants K = 0.1
  • K = 1 or K = 10
  • Individual temperature sensor made of stainless steel the unit can be used as a thermometer
  • Automatic temperature compensation in all scales
  • The alphanumeric display provides messages that guide the user and prevent operating errors
  • Checks defects in the cell temperature sensor and calibration solutions reporting in case of problems
  • Simultaneous display of conductivity and solution temperature
  • ABS enclosure prevents corrosion
  • Individual holder for cell and temperature sensor
  • Automatic calibration
  • Rigid quality control with which verifications and tests guarantee the perfect operation of the equipment providing security and customer satisfaction
  • Customer service to clear doubts and provide explanations about the equipment and methodologies
  • Possibility of adaptations according to the customer's needs which makes the equipment a special line.
  • Reading: Conductivity in water (S/cm), alcohol (S/m), STD - Total Dissolved Solids with programmable factor and Percentage of Ash in Sugar
  • Display: Alphanumeric provides messages that guide the user and prevent usage errors
  • Indication: With microprocessor conductivity control, cell K=0.1; K=1 or K=10
  • Calibration: Automatic
  • Interface: For RS 232C type computer, informing the conductivity and temperature reading
  • Cabinet: In carbon steel with anti-corrosive treatment and electrostatic painting
  • Dimensions: W=120 x D=185 x H=70 mm
  • Weight: 1.5Kg
  • Voltage: 110/220 Volts (automatic)
  • Includes: - 01 glass cell constant of K=1 - 01 stainless steel temperature sensor - 01 standard calibration solution 146.9 µS/cm - 01 support for cell - 01 power supply - Warranty term
  • Optional: Cell for measuring Conductivity in Alcohol, Calibration Solutions: 500µS/m (5µS/cm) or 14.69mS/m (146.9µS/cm)
  • Additional Information: **
  • Working Range: 0.001 to 1000 µS/cm with automatic selection (With Constant K=0.1) 100 to 100,000 µS/cm with automatic selection (With Constant K=1) 10,000 to 200,000 µS/cm with automatic selection (With Constant K=10)
  • Accuracy: 2% full scale
  • Uncertainty: Better than 1% full scale
  • Temperature: **
  • Working range: -5 to 120 °C
  • Resolution: 0.1 °C
  • Accuracy: ± 0.3 ºC
  • Uncertainty: ± 0.2 ºC
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