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Represented Companies

Apogee Instruments

North American manufacturer of meteorological monitoring sensors in the areas of solar radiation, temperature, oxygen, among others.

Campbell Scientific Brasil

Campbell from Brasil has more than twenty-five years of tradition and experience in the meteorological area in Brazil. In 2015, Campbell do Brasil and TECNAL made their strong partnership official to cater with excellence for the needs of scientists and clients from the specific areas of: agronomy and forestry, universities and research institutes with emphasis in agrometeorology, agribusiness, irrigation and related areas. Through this partnership, TECNAL offers total support and ideal solutions related to the areas described.

CID Bioscience

Market leader in design, development and marketing of instruments for agriculture and environmental research, CID Bioscience manufactures research equipment for plant physiology and offers portable solutions for measurement and non-destructive plant analysis in the field. In 2010, this North American company formed a partnership with Technodata Ambiental, which in turn joined Tecnal in an exclusive representation partnership in Brazil. This has brought to the Brazilian market equipments such as leaf area meters, plant canopy meters (LAI), root scanner, miniature leaf spectrometer and photosynthesis analyzer (IRGA).


German manufacturer of digital dendrometers for comparing the growth of trees and fruit using meteorological data, including estimates of irrigation.

Felix Instruments

North American manufacturer of a portable NIR spectrometer for fruit quality analysis (Brix, dry matter, etc.). Felix Instruments also manufactures gas analyzers (Ethylene, O2 and CO2).


The British company Fitotron is the most traditional manufacturer of growth chambers and climatic rooms for cultivating, multiplying and studying living organisms in a controlled environment. The company’s name is used for the whole sector, as a synonym for growth chambers.


Flownamics is a manufacturer of probes and automatic systems for sampling in bioreactors. The FLOWNAMICS sampling system can be connected to up to eight bioreactors, with applications ranging from laboratorial scale to large pilot plants. It allows monitoring the process in real time through the interface with analytical instruments, and aseptically provides continuous and controlled input for the fermenter. Tecnal has brought this exclusive partnership to Brazil in order to optimize biotechnological processes.

GBC Scientific Equipment

The Australian GBC Scientific Equipment has been in the analytical market for over 35 years. It is one of the major and most renowned manufacturers in the world, and it combines technology and quality in developing instruments for elemental and molecular analysis, such as the options for Atomic Absorption and ICP. The company is internationally certificated for quality by ISO 9,001, and has had an exclusive partnership in Brazil with Tecnal since 2013. It has brought products for quantitative detection of metallic elements and heavy metals to the market in several applications for samples from the areas of: Food Products, Pharmaceutical Industry, Metallurgy, Clinical Soil Analysis and others.

Gill Instruments

A global leading player in the market of ultrasonic measurement and environmental monitoring, Gill Instruments manufactures 2D and 3D ultrasonic anemometers and weather stations. The company has extensive experience in ignition and emission control for industrial gas motors, and in 2013 it established an exclusive partnership with Tecnal, the official representative of the brand in Brazil.


Headwall Photonics is the leading designer and manufacturer of spectrometer and spectral instrumentation for industrial, commercial and government markets. Headwall's core competency is the production of specialized Holographic Diffraction Grids, and for specific applications. These light management elements are fundamental for the production of multispectral and hyperspectral imaging sensors. These sensors have several characteristics that differentiate them from competitors. First, the optical aberration correction of the diffraction grating means that the sensors have excellent spectral and spatial resolution over a wide field of view. Second, the use of these grids means that the instruments containing them are small, lightweight, robust and contain no moving parts.


The French company Interscience manufactures equipment and accessories for the microbiological area, ranging from sample preparation to the analyses. Among the products marketed by the company are colony counters and automatic platers, in addition to blenders for samples. The partnership between Tecnal and Interscience started in 2007, to market automatic equipment in Brazil.

Juniper Systems

Located in Logan / UT, it is the largest manufacturer of ultra sturdy field data collectors, suitable for use under any conditions.

Konica Minolta

The Japanese multinational Konica Minolta manufactures colorimeters and spectrophotometers for food color analysis. The equipments are designed for direct readings and provide quick results, being suitable for all stages of the production line. Tecnal has been the exclusive representative of the brand in Brazil since 2007.

Lamy Rheology

This French company with 60 years of history manufactures viscometer, rheometers and texture analyzers, and joined Tecnal in 2012 in search of business growth and to reach global markets through new suppliers. Lamy Rheology has a proprietary laboratory for testing and developing innovative technical solutions that are also easy to handle.


German market leader in the development of equipment and software for plant phenotyping.

Modern Water

Founded in 2006 in the United Kingdom, Modern Water currently has seven offices and operates in 38 countries. The company specializes in supplying analytical technologies and monitoring of toxicity, heavy metals, and environmental contaminants in watercourses, soil, food and industrial processes. With emphasis in water quality control, the company has developed equipment to identify contaminants such as explosives, pesticides, toxins, volatile organic compounds (VOC), hydrocarbons, as well as systems for desalination of sea water.


Swiss manufacturer of equipment for analyzing water activity for the industries of food products, animal feeding, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and chemical products in general.


German manufacturer of equipment for analyses in trees, wood and concrete structures.


This Australian company has revolutionized the processes of monitoring soil moisture, fertility and salinity with its range of solutions for detection.


American manufacturer of equipments for soil physics, such as TDR soil moisture meters, Scholander pressure chamber, permeameters, tensiometers, penetrometers, pressure plate extractors (to determine the soil water retention curve).


German company that specializes in manufacturing equipment for physiology, such as fluorometers (including the DIVING-PAM for water environments) and infrared gas analyzers (IRGA).


This North American branch of Campbell Scientific Inc. is responsible for the sales and customer services of their range of weather stations and portable anemometers.

YSI Life Science

This American company is a member of the Xylem group. This branch manufactures products for biochemical analyses such as lactate, glucose, saccharose, xylose, ethanol, glutamate and glutamine, among other compounds.

YSI Water Quality System

This American company is a member of the Xylem group. This branch manufactures multi-parameter equipment for measuring water quality.