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Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet – PA-050

Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet – PA-050
  • Designed for class 100 works in compliance with ABNT NBR 13,700 and CLASS 5 ISO regulations, according to international
    regulation ISO 14,644-1

  • Built in steel plate with epoxy painting and anti-corrosion treatment

  • Work housing built in AISI 304 stainless steel (including walls and bench top), preventing corrosion

  • Bipartite flooring can be removed to facilitate cleaning

  • A3 Class HEPA filter, NBR-6401, EU-13 Eurovent 4/4, with efficiency of 99.99 % DOP for particles with 0.3 micron, anodized aluminum framing;



Outer dimensions

W 835 x D 605 x H 1,150 – WITHOUT BASE

Inner dimensions

W 633 x D 430 x H 450

Outer dimensions

W 835 x D 605 x H 1,940 – WITH BASE - without base W 1,425 x D 790 x H 1,420

Inner dimensions

W 1,245 x D 675 x H 640


1/2 HP motor with thermal protection and electronic speed adjustment for pressure loss (three options of speed)


Tilting frontal tempered glass with 5 degree inclination (increased comfort for the operator and decreased reflexes)


Removable electrical panel

Noise levels

60 db low

Air speed

0,45 m/s ± 20%

Power supply

220V, 60 Hz

Air flow

335 m³/h

PA 050

* Air flow 335 m³/h
* One auxiliary 220V power outlet inside
* One 15W fluorescent light
* One valve for gas or vacuum

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