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Reverse osmosis purification system TE-4007/10

Reverse osmosis purification system TE-4007/10
Purification sequence

- Polypropylene filter: capable of retaining particles of 5 microns or larger from raw water
- Activated charcoal filter: capable of retaining chloride, odors and others
- Reverse osmosis membrane: features microscopic pores for ultra filtration, capable of retaining heavy metals, chemical contaminants, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, algae and others
- Mixed resin filter: for demineralizing (deionizaing) water
- Pressurization: the system is pressurized to ensure the water passing through the reversed osmosis membrane

Pressure pump

Provides pressure over 3.5 bar

Water quality

Free of microorganisms and low rate of dissolved minerals and salts


Under 1.0µS/cm, whereas the input water presents 180 µS/cm


10 liters/hour

Pump housing

In carbon steel with electrostatic coating and anti-corrosion treatment


In aluminum with electrostatic coating

Pump casing dimensions

W=110 x D=110 x H=300 mm


W=370 x D=180 x H=390 mm


30 Watts


220 Volts

Parts included

- One faucet adapter
- One wrench for replacing filters
- User manual with warranty deed

Also available

TE-4007/20 with 20 liters/hour yield