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Microprocessor-based pH meter TEC-11

Microprocessor-based pH meter TEC-11
Working range from

0 to 14 pH (limits -2 to 16 pH) with a BNC connection.


0.01 / Accuracy ±0.01 + solution/electrode/calibration error

Input impedance

> 1 tera-ohm

Standard deviation

< 80 µV/°C

Input current polarization

< 15 pA

Permanent log to record

To record programmable parameters and calibration.

Blue background

16x2 LCD display

On/off function

On the front panel through a stand-by function.

Power cord with NBR 14136

2002 standard tripolar connector (with ground wire).

Power during operation (220 V)


Maximum environmental conditions

10 to 50°C at 80% RH

Housing dimensions

240 x 140 x 150 mm

Holder dimensions

800 x 253 x 420 mm

Holder structure

304 stainless steel, electrode holder in aluminum with black nylon clamp bolt and M8 legs.

Distance between electrodes

61 mm

Equipment used in soil fertility laboratories to help reducing and assessing acidity conditions until the established level of readily plant available cations (Ca, Mg and K) and anions (P). The availability of nutrients for plants depends on soil pH.