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Cooled Water Recirculating System – TE-186

Cooled Water Recirculating System – TE-186

Brand Tecnal

Equipment used for several types of laboratory analysis and to enhance condensation in certain equipments, able to cool Friedrichs and Soxhlet condensers, Rotary evaporators, reactors, bagasse digesters and others

Temperature range

Water temperature in the tub: 10C at 7ºC
Temperature control: ON-OFF with 3 ° C hysteresis

Temperature display


Temperature sensor

PT-100 probe


1/3 HP hermetic compressor with CFC-free R-134-A gas

Cooling capacity

2,700 BTU/h at 0°C

Circulation pump

External (two ports)

Pumping capacity

9 L/minute (flow), 1.5 mca (pressure)

Tank dimensions

W=400 x D=400 x H=400 mm


50 Liters


W=600 x D=650 x H=1,150 mm


50 kg


300 Watts


220 Volts

Parts included

- One stainless steel tank cover
- Two extra fuses
- RBC (Brazilian Calibration Network) calibration certificate
- User manual with warranty deed