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Biosafety Cabinet – PA 400

Biosafety Cabinet – PA 400

Biosafety Cabinet – PA 400

Brand Pachane

Size 2.5, class II, type A1, with base, with 70% recirculation and 30% renewal of air flown out through a HEPA filter to the environment; (the entire equipment has a negative pressure, forcing contaminated air through the HEPA filters, preventing contaminated air from escaping to the laboratory)

  • Protection for the user and for the environment

  • Designed for class 100 works in compliance with ABNT NBR 13,700 and CLASS 5 ISO regulations, according to international regulation ISO 14,644-1

  • Built in steel plate with epoxy painting and anti-corrosion treatment

Work housing

Built in AISI 304 stainless steel (including walls and bench top), preventing corrosion


Tripartite flooring can be removed to facilitate cleaning




1/2 HP motor with thermal protection and electronic speed adjustment for pressure loss (three options of speed)

Thermal protection

With relays and protection fuses


A3 Class HEPA filter, NBR-6401, EU-13 Eurovent 4/4, with efficiency of 99.99 % DOP for particles with 0.3 micron, anodized aluminum framing


G3 class synthetic pre-filter 30-35% colorimetric Ashrae, 92% gravimetric Ashrae (increasing durability of the HEPA filter)


Tilting frontal tempered glass with 5 degree inclination (increased comfort for the operator and decreased reflexes)


Removable electrical

Sound alarm

Informs the operator when the frontal glass exceeds 200 mm, safe operational opening

Noise levels

60 db low noise levels

Air speed

0,45 m/s ± 20%

Air flow

790 m³/h

Power supply

220V, 60 Hz

Outer dimensions

W 982 x D 790 x H 1,420

PA 400

* One auxiliary 220V power outlet inside
* One 20W fluorescent light
* One valve for gas or vacuum

Also available

PA-410, PA-430, PA-440, PA-610, PA-620, PA-710, PA-720, PA-740