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Bioreactor for Biomass Hydrolysis

Bioreactor for Biomass Hydrolysis

Brand Tecnal

Used for mechanically stirring fluids, high viscosity liquids and suspended matter. Also used in enzymatic hydrolysis processes for sugarcane bagasse and other sources of biomass which require temperature control and stirring. Model TE-039/1-E7.

Variable rotation

Ranging from 30 to 2000 RPM through a frequency inverter

Rotation control

PC-compatible output


1/4 HP induction

Stirring capacity

±30 liters of water

Motor stand

With adjustable height

Stirrer shaft length adjustment

Using a chuck

Shaft and impeller

In 304 stainless steel

Body and control box

In carbon steel with electrostatic coating and anti-corrosion treatment

Holed base plate to install the jacketed vessel

In stainless steel, installation using clamp bolts

Stirrer shaft dimensions

Ø3/8” x 400mm

Control box dimensions

W=170 x D=240 x H=315mm


W=350 x D=370 x H=920mm


14 kg


180 Watts


220 volts

Parts included

- One 2000 ml stainless steel jacketed vessel and head plate; - Two impellers with four 45°-pitched flat blades; -One chuck wrench; - Two extra fuses; - One software for controlling and monitoring motor parameters (rotation, power consumption, input voltage); - User manual with warranty deed

Optional parts

Thermostatic bath (-10ºC to 100ºC)

Diogo Patrini Cerqueira

Product manager

Diogo Patrini Cerqueira

Mestre em Ciência e Tecnologia dos Alimentos


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