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Bioreactor for Algae and Cyanobacteria

Bioreactor for Algae and Cyanobacteria

Brand Tecnal

Autoclavable Air-Lift bioreactor with internal borosilicate glass draft tube, with 316L stainless steel perforated pipes crosshead diffuser

  • Autoclavable reaction vessel and aseptic sampling

  • Various parameter controls, including PAR radiation sensor and spectroradiometer

  • Operation flexibility, using air lift or bubble column stirring

  • LED photoperiodic lighting and user-customizable spectral band

  • Ideal for setting guidelines and initial studies with microalgae

  • Productivity and efficiency gain due to automatic control and asepsis during the process

Reaction vessel

In borosilicate glass with a 316L stainless steel base

Volumes (Total/Working)

3.0/2.0L – 7.5/5.0L – 15.0/10.0l

Head plate

In 316L stainless steel locked with 304 stainless steel clamp bolts

Head plate ports

Thermo well, pH, dO2, dCO2. Four plain ports for adding acid, base, antifoam and nutrients, adjustable foam level sensor, adjustable sampling dip tube, septum and 316L stainless steel reflux condenser


FDA-approved Viton O-ring

Sampling system

Syringe-based, free of contamination with autoclavable reservoir


In 316L stainless steel with ports for the cooling system and sparger gas inlet


Through internal 316L stainless steel serpentine


Through aluminum block connected to the bioreactor base

Working temperature

Coolant +7°C until 60°C


Pneumatic through gas up flow (usually air)

Cylindrical polished 304 stainless steel photoperiod chamber

- Capacity for 6 panels that can reach maximum intensity of 1.500 µmol-photon.m-2.s-1/panel on the reactor glass surface. Each panel features 4 individually-operated channels with LED lights that can be royal blue (450nm), green (525nm), red (630nm), red (660nm), cold white, neutral white or warm white; - Control: pulsed or day/night timed and with intensity ramp-up, so that the amount of operative channels and intensity (0-100%) can be selected; - Control/operation through BIO- TEC-FLEX, with 10” color touch screen and Excel compatible software in Portuguese with data storage


- Automatic gas mixer with mass flow controller; -Manual gas mixer with rotameter block; - Digital and autoclavable pH electrode; - Digital and autoclavable dissolved oxygen sensor; - Digital and autoclavable dissolved carbon dioxide sensor; - Gas carbon dioxide sensor; -Autoclavable turbidity sensor; - PAR radiation sensor; -Peristaltic pumps for dispensing liquids (acid, base, antifoam and nutrients); - Thermostatic bath with external circulation and temperature control ranging from -10ºC to 100ºC

Diogo Patrini Cerqueira

Product manager

Diogo Patrini Cerqueira

Mestre em Ciência e Tecnologia dos Alimentos


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