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BIO-TEC-FLEX Bioreactor

BIO-TEC-FLEX Bioreactor

Brand Tecnal

Aimed at growing cells and microorganisms. Sturdy control system with digital and smart sensors, optional modules which allow catering for different culturing needs with a touch screen interface.

Reaction vessel

- Glass
- Stainless steel
- Glass + stainless steel

Total volumes

1.5L /4.5L /7.5L /15L / Custom

Operational volumes

1.0L /3.0L /5.0L /10L /Custom

Temperature Control.

- Single wall vessel with internal 316L stainless steel serpentine and silicone insulation blanket
- Jacketed vessel with coolant circulation

Head plate

In 316L stainless steel, locked with Bakelite clamp bolts
Gasket: FDA-approved Viton O-ring
Head plate ports: Thermo well for Pt-100 probe, pH, O2, one plain port and one triple port (for adding acid, base, antifoam and nutrients), perforated disc air sparger, adjustable level sensor (liquid/foam), adjustable dip tube for sampling, septum, 316L stainless steel reflux condenser and bearing
Stirrer shaft/bearing: in 316L stainless steel stirrer shaft/bearing with Viton seal.
Equipped with a Rushton impeller (six flat blades) and a Smith – CD6 impeller (six concave blades), both with adjustable length.
Sampling system: syringe based, free of contamination with autoclavable reservoir
Includes six 0.22 micron absolute air filters.
Removable 316L stainless steel chicane with four blades at 90º.

Stirrer system

Upper stirring with mechanical or magnetic seal Servomotor with integrated 1 – 2000 rpm controller and real speed optical sensor with ±1RPM resolution
** Maximum 1000 rpm for magnetic seal.


Signal interface for monitoring and controlling speed/stirring, temperature, pH, foam level, pressure and other parameters (upon request) with USB cable connection to touch screen MMI
- Working range 150 to 1000 RPM
- Resolution 1 RPM / Precision ±1 RPM
- Working range when using the TEC-BIO-T external circulation bath: 10 to 60 degrees Celsius (working limits 5 to 108 degrees Celsius)
- Working range when using heating mat: coolant +7ºC to 90 degrees Celsius (working limits 5 to 108 degrees Celsius)
- Resolution 0.01 / Precision ±0.4
- Working range 0 to 14 pH (working limits -2 to 16 pH)
- Precision ±0.01 + error in the solution/electrode/calibration
Optional final pH control ±0.01 pH integrated to the peristaltic pumps module
Foam level:
- Maximum level through conductive rods
- Optional: antifoam controller integrated to the peristaltic pumps module
- Working range 0 to 380mmHg
- Resolution 1 mmHg / Precision ±1 mmHg
Control with pressure relief valve:
- General switch with light indicator
- Body: Carbon steel with electrostatic coating and anti-corrosion treatment.
- IEC tripolar power cord (with ground wire)
- Power during operation (220 V): 1200W
- Controller dimensions: 350 x 450 x 650 mm (W x D x H)
- Maximum room conditions: 0 to 50 °C at 80% RH
- Weight: 5.0 kg

Interface display

Microprocessor-based PID controller with 10” touch screen control and operation panel

Gas flow

Automatic and digital mass flow controller/meter


Software with restricted access, configurable for different user levels
Features page for configuration, diagnostic, calibration, graph visualization and operation
Foam level control loop
Maximum and minimum liquid control loop
Pressure control loop (0 - 380mmHg)
Temperature control loop (Coolant +7ºC - 60ºC)
pH control loop (2-12)
Redox control loop (-1500mV - 1500mV)
Dissolved oxygen control loop (0-100%)
Gas carbon dioxide control loop (0-25%).

Peristaltic pumps

Four roller peristaltic pumps for on-off control.


Mettler Toledo – ISM (Intelligent Sensor Management) digital sensors: pH, REDOX and Oxygen (polarographic or optical)
Class A Pt-100 temperature probe
Pressure sensor
Foam level sensor
Maximum and minimum liquid level sensor.

Diogo Patrini Cerqueira

Product manager

Diogo Patrini Cerqueira

Mestre em Ciência e Tecnologia dos Alimentos


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